Cupid’s Carnival at the Ranger Dome

By: Kamil Wojciak, Staff Writer

On February 16th, an event called “Cupid’s Carnival” took place in the Ranger Dome from 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM to celebrate the weekend of Valentine’s. This carnival had challenging games, roller skating, free caricatures, and more, with no cost whatsoever!

Starting at 6:30 PM, all of the carnival attractions of the were already prepared and ready! Starting off with the carnival games, some games at the carnival were the rifle range, skeeball, and the ball-in-tub toss. The rifle range at the carnival was one of the more popular attractions, because of its simple and fun game mechanic of shooting down domino-shaped blocks with a NERF (N-Strike Elite Mega Magnus) blaster. The skeeball and the ball-in-tub toss were also popular attractions, catching the authenticity of a real carnival by being one of the most challenging and frustrating games I ever played.

In addition to the carnival games, people had the possibility to earn tickets, depending on their performance on a game. With these tickets, people could obtain prizes, such as cute animal stickers.

Other than the carnival games, roller skating was an important aspect for “Cupid’s Carnival”. The most popular and biggest attraction, the roller skating rink, was filled with fun, loud music and Regis students. The roller skating rink was highly accessible to the public, with individuals easily obtaining roller skates from a counter with no constraints, and the roller skating rink itself was open with no physical boundaries (other than the walls of the Ranger Dome).

“Cupid’s Carnival” was a great way to end the Valentine’s week by having fun attractions, such as the carnival games and the roller skating, allowing the partakers of the event to relieve the tension they acquired from the week.

Dave & Buster’s Date Night

By: Kamil Wojciak, Staff Writer

Photo Source: Kamil Wojciak

On February 14, Valentine’s Day, the Regis University Programming Board hosted an event named “Dave & Buster’s Date Night”. To celebrate Valentine’s day, students had the opportunity to go to Dave & Buster’s to play and enjoy game and prizes.

For the event, students had to sign up to be eligible; sign ups started on Monday, February 11, and continued all the way to the start of the event. The event started at 7:30 PM at the Student Center, where individuals did their last-minute signups and preparations for departure. With everyone signed up, ready for the event, all individuals departed from the campus on a travel bus, directly heading to Dave & Buster’s.

After the highly cozy and roomy trip on the travel bus, the participants of the event arrived at Dave & Buster’s at around 8:00 PM. When everyone was in the building, the coordinators of the event stated the plans of the event and then all individuals headed to a private room. This private room allowed people to store their belongings and served as the meeting place for the group.

With everything settled, all participants received a power card (an electronic card used for the arcade machines) and free food by the buffet that was in the private room. All the power cards provided had 200 chips ($20) that can solely be used on the arcade machines; the buffet provided had nachos, pretzel corn dogs, and even shrimp and cocktail sauce.

With all the time from roughly 8:10 PM to 9:50 PM, all the partakers of the event had the utmost freedom in Dave & Buster’s. The arcade, argued the main attraction of Dave & Buster’s, had a large amount of variety that different types of audiences can enjoy. Some of the most popular arcade machines were the claw machines, guitar hero, and air hockey.

When it was 9:50 PM, it was time to prepare to leave Dave & Buster’s and come back to Regis University. Even though the participants of this extremely entertaining event had roughly two hours of having fun, it was somewhat sad to leave that fun and entertainment by going back to campus (especially if they had remaining chips to spend).

“I enjoyed leaving the Regis campus and hanging out with my friends” said John, one of the members of the event. The “Dave & Buster’s Date Night” was an extraordinarily fun event that was a great method to casually hang out with friends and enjoy the holiday with others. This organized event that took students out of campus for fun and entertainment was a great idea, and has high demand to be replicated in the future.