Judy Movie Review

By: Ali Paglia, Staff Writer

For many of us, Gen Zer’s, the last we saw Judy Garland was when she was in The Wizard of Oz, in her bed surrounded by her “family”, realizing “There’s no place like home.” Fast forward to thirty years later, Judy Garland’s longing for a home continues again this time in the movie, Judy.

 It’s set in the winter of 1968 when Judy Garland, travels to London trying desperately to resurrect her career. Hollywood has left her high and dry. In her own mid-century version of “Sunset Boulevard”, Judy is trying to do whatever it takes to be relevant again. The film makers, through both dialogue, and flashbacks give us not only the backstory of Judy’s drug abuse which she developed in her teenage years, that was orchestrated by the Hollywood studio system which every actor of the time depended on for their career. The Film also shows us her need for family, and her longing to be with her children. What moves a good story, what moves a good film forward, is conflict. 

When it comes to a lead character, writers and film makers love to have a character who has story based on them with either internal or external conflict. It’s rare to have both. Unfortunately, for Judy Garland, but fortunately for the film, Garland’s life was a toxic mixture of the two. The film, like the aforementioned Wizard of Oz, Sunset Boulevard, or the past summers release of the remake of A Star is Born, all follow the classic Joseph Campbell structure of A Hero’s Journey. Garland is taken from her ordinary world to the new extraordinary world of London, where she meets mentors and faces obstacles. Only to return, with newfound knowledge about herself, and the world around her. It is difficult to make any biopic, it’s even harder when its about one of the most iconic actresses of the twentieth century, A performer, who American’s watched grow up on the screen right in front of their eyes. Renee Zellweger does a fantastic job of portraying Garland, both with her acting and singing ability, she’s a good bet for best actress in this year’s Academy Awards. I liked the movie, but you are going to have to see for yourself what’s over this rainbow.  

SHORT STORY Father Domingo Sits Alone: The Last Confession

By:Armando Covarrubias, Staff Cartoonist

Father Domingo is a Mexican Jesuit priest for the Chapel of All Holy Saints. He is a tall man, with dark brown skin. He has black hair and brown eyes. He is a teacher for the Agnus Dei University in their religious department. He teaches a variety of different classes such as World Religions, and History of Catholicism. He is always seen either in class, eating by himself, at his office, or in his room at the Jesuit house. One day during his lunch break he was greeted by Father Ahab.

“Afternoon brother,” Father Ahab said with a grin on his face. He was a couple of inches shorter than Domingo. He had blond hair blue eyes and was clean shaven.

“Afternoon,” said Father Domingo as he continued eating his burger.

“I have always noticed that you are always by yourself, and I thought that maybe you need the company.”

“Are you intentions true?” Domingo asked.

“Yes, of course that’s why I’m here.” Ahab responded.

Domingo takes in the last bite of his burger, licking his fingers, and says “All right, let's talk.”

“Ok. About what?”

“I don’t know? You wanted to start the conversation.”

Ahab responded, “Yes but I don’t have any plans, we could talk about anything like work, or our hobbies, or our family.”

“Or our love life.” Domingo said abruptly.


“It’s a joke.” Ahab looked in relief. “Well, its confession season, so have you been hearing out any confessions lately?” Asked Father Ahab.

“No, I haven’t heard any confessions. The last confession I heard was five years ago.” Ahab, in shock, said, “Five years! Are you insane!”


“Jokes aside you can’t tell me that you have not been hearing confessions for five years.”

“But I did.”

“Why?” Asked father Ahab.

Domingo lets out a large sigh. He says, “My last confession was unreal, bizarre, and as far as I’m concerned, unnatural.” Ahab responded, “It could not be that bad.”

Father Domingo abruptly replies, “But it was.” Ahab stayed silent. “The story I will tell you is a story of greed, murder, manipulation, and other things that can not be explained.” He lets out another large sigh and begins to tell his story. “Five years ago before I was a priest at the university, I went traveling to different parishes. More specifically I traveled around Mexico. I was at a confession stand where I met a man who told me his sins. His sin was so great that it haunts his every move.”

Ahab asked, “What was it murder, assault, thievery?”

Domingo responded, “No, he made a homeless lady upset.” Ahab, in shock, said “That's it? That’s why you stopped doing confessions.” Domingo continued “No. That’s just a part of it, keep listening.”


“Thank you. So yeah, the man was Miguel Reginald. He worked as a delivery boy for a Mexican bakery shop. He had blonde hair green eyes, and white skin. Everyday he would deliver a variety of Mexican pastries such as conchas, cookies, cakes, porkitos, and so much more. Before he would leave, an old homeless lady would show up at the front of the bakery. She would beg for bread or a pastry or something, but he would say no. One day the lady asked if she could have some bread. Instead of saying no, he decided to compromise with the lady. He said if you help me with these deliveries I will give you something to eat. She says yes but only if she eats first. He says no she has to earn it. She screamed in anger saying ‘Me and my ancestors will hunt you down on the eve of your daughters quinceañera, at the peak of your happiness.’ She laughed maniacally as she died on the street.”

Ahab says, “Two things: one, never do a witch voice again, and two he came to confess for not helping that poor ill woman?”

Domingo replies, “Oh she was not ill, I can assure you.” Domingo then continued, “So after that incident his life went uphill from then on. He got a pay raise, he eventually became the manager of the bakery and created a chain of bakeries. He made a lot of money and became a billionaire. He owned a mansion , had a multitude of servants, married a model despite his inexperience with dating and had a beautiful girl named Sarah. Such is the life for those who worship Mammon.”

Ahab asked, “Who?”

“Nothing,” Domingo responded. “ Anyway, his daughter was going to turn fifteen soon, so Miguel planned huge quinceañera for her. With music, good food, whatever you thought your best birthday party was hers was better. On the day before her birthday they decided to go to the park where they used to take Sarah as a child. He was sitting on the bench when he noticed that his daughter stood still. He thought that it was probably nothing, ten minutes later and she was still standing there. At that point he ran up to her and asked her if she is okay. She responded saying, ‘No, because I’m already dead!"‘ As her face turned her skin was yellow, her skin had holes where maggots spilled out. He screamed in horror, she lunged towards him constantly saying, ‘I said I would be back with my family.’ As she spoke faces began to emerge from Sarah’s body. He was scared and confused not knowing what to do. He begs for mercy. The spirits say, ‘We will let you go if you answer this one question: Why is the devil smart?’ His response was, ‘Because he’s evil.’ At that moment it was silent. A red line of blood drips from his throat, and his head falls off, and the spirits left the body of that girl. The next day Sarah had her quinceañera with her mother and father by her side.”

Ahab exclaimed, “Wait what, I thought he died?!”

Domingo said “He didn’t, during his confession he explained that he knew this was coming. So he got one of his loyal servants to swap faces with him so the spirit of the old lady and her ancestors will kill his servant instead. So when I got to see his face he had black hair, his skin was brown, but he still had those green as that he described before. He says to me that even though the spirits killed his doppelgänger, they eventually found out the truth. So now he is haunted by the spirits of the old lady, her ancestors, and now the servant too. As he leaves the stand I saw them.”

Ahab asked, “What?”

“Phantoms,” exclaimed Father Domingo! “Phantoms, ghosts, spirits, remnants of the old lady’s family and the servant who is carrying his own head. I saw ghosts from different time periods such as the Aztec War priests, conquistadors, Spanish inquisitors, Visigoth warriors, and others. I grasped ,y rosary praying that God may protect me, and he did.”

”So that’s the reason why you stopped doing confessions,” asked Father Ahab.

“Yes,” replied Father Domingo. Ahab got up and said, “Well lets just say I’m a bit skeptical about your so-called reason. And by skeptical I mean I think you’re lying.”

“Whether you believe it or not I’m just happy I got that off my chest,” Domingo replied. “I mean this was bad but that was nothing compared to my other past experiences.”

Ahab asked, “What do you mean?”

Domingo gets up, saying, “That’s my cue to leave.” Then grabs his plate and goes inside the cafeteria. Never to tell Ahab the things he has seen, for it can drive most men into madness.

KRCX Regis Radio: Regis’ Diamond in the Rough and Denver’s Oldest College Radio Station

Photo Source '// Amy Reglin, Lizzie Brown

By: Lizzie Brown, KRCX General Manager and Highlander Reporter

The power is still out around some parts of the Northwest Regis University campus, and this reality carries over to the KRCX Regis Radio Station located in the basement of Clarke Hall. Since we haven’t been able to broadcast and display our talented new hires and DJs yet this year, let’s talk about it station’s history.

KRCX, the oldest college radio station in Denver, was one of the only stations to pioneer an apartment shortwave broadcast that connected to all of the dorms on campus--pretty convenient. Today, the radio streams online 24/7 and features a vast library of contemporary music important to students and timeless classic we all love-- from Snail Mail to Frank Ocean and all the way back to B.B. King. The station has seen legendary visitors in its professional-grade studio such as Ron Beaty, The Revivalists, Suuns, Oberhofer, Admiral Fallow and Bon Jovi.

 But variety means more than music, and KRCX has stuck by that. In 2008 a group from the station went to the convention center to cover the Democratic Convention-- come see our pictures! We are a station that has evolved to the profound sound we are today. Serving to inform and entertain the Regis community, KRCX hosts live campus events and broadcasts music, talk, sports, and community announcements. We are excited for a new year and to carry on a proud tradition of dedication to our students and neighbors in the community. Look out for our Open Mics or stop by the basement of Clarke to get a volunteer DJ application, get away from campus and talk music, politics or whatever you are passionate about. Visit us at http://www.krcx.org/ and reach out!

Pennywise is BACK

By: Ali Paglia, Staff Writer

IT Chapter 2 The Movie.

Spoiler Alert... Pennywise is BACK and I'm not clowning around about that!

The movie based on Steven Kings novel IT2 hit the theaters a couple of weeks ago, to mixed reviews at best.

So, here's my take on the film...

It's possible that because I'm not a great fan of the horror genre and/or possibly because I had not seen the first film... I had no preconceived ideas about story, plot or characters. Whatever the reason... I'll get to that later...I really did enjoy the film. So, was it the story, the plot or the characters that grabbed me? Well yes, all the above. It's a great story with a well-structured plot that takes you on a roller coaster ride having well defined characters, executed by great actors. But that's not what I loved about this film.

 What I really loved, was the message, which made going to see this film worth the price of admission! So, here comes a brief story outline of the film. A group of thirty something adults, known to us in the film as the losers club, return to their childhood hometown once again to battle that shape shifting monster, Pennywise who raged war against them 27 years before. We learn more about Pennywise...his origin along with his strengths and weaknesses. Likewise, we learn and observe as the members of the losers club, one by one face and conquer their deepest fears giving them the strength to team up and face the monster. The message is as obvious as the red nose on Pennywise’s face. 

The film’s director, Andy Muschietti put it this way to Vanity Fair..." We live in a world where there's a culture of fear, where some leaders have a strong pull on people, which is exactly what Pennywise does. You can take it as an analogy. If you are separated, you are more vulnerable, you are weaker and easier to conquer. Your easier to be made submissive and scared. That's exactly what Pennywise does, and that's what's going on. That's what's happening in the world right now." That just may be the horror in this horror film... the world that we live in today! At least that's how this critic sees it. 

You Are an Academic Elite

By : Rose Ferrie, Staff Writer

As a student in higher education, you have been gifted the status of academic elite: you are one of 30% of you g United States adults (18-24) that attend a 4-year-university. If you apply the important knowledge you gain from your studies, whether your major is Peace and Justice, Biology, Mathematics, Art, or any other program Regis offers, you have the pleasure and privilege to learn things at a collegiate level. 

Wednesday, Sept. 18, Romero House, opened their doors to invite conversation and sharing. Through this open dialogue, students chatted with small groups of peers about abortion. They discussed Roe v. Wade, the new abortion legislation in Alabama, and where this leaves our nation which led to talking about women’s health, sexual education, and ways to resolve differing opinions. This event is one way Regis prepares students to be part of an educated and engaged public, working at our Jesuit mission: men and women for and with others. 

Romero House holds hospitality nights every Wednesday that are open to all.

Source- National Center for Education Statistics https://nces.ed.gov/programs/coe/indicator_cpb.asp

RUSGA Presidential Candidate Profile: Awah Tilong

By: Thomas Jones

Though Awah Tilong’s hobbies may lie in the realms of hair, fashion, makeup and movies her job, as she’d see it, is implementing the change that Regis needs. When met with the daunting question of “Why did you decide to run for Student Body President?” Tilong didn’t need any time to collect herself or formulate an answer, she immediately responded, “Regis lacks the fundamental basics of what college is supposed to look like. College is known as formative, fundamental years where you gain the structure necessary for adulthood. Regis lacks the opportunity for a real college experience. Everything is so serious all the time, we need to address important issues and also enjoy one another at the same time.”

With this being Tilong’s platform for her campaign and her overarching goal if elected as RUSGA President, she continued on to speak on specific actions she would also take as President of RUSGA. One of the main aspects of Regis which Tilong seeks to change is the quality and kind of events which we are having on campus. Tilong states, “We have so many events on how we’re different! Like damn, how many events on how we’re different do you need? I know that we’re different!” In reference to how Tilong would shift these events she responded, “I want more events that are fun and that students will actually want to come to and want to attend that still strike at these important issues in a more effective, inclusive and just overall more enjoyable way.”

Tilong sees one of the main ways of doing this being to, “Have more events where they [Regis] invite the outside community, other colleges do a lot of that and Regis doesn’t. I want to incorporate the broader community in more of our events which therefore encourages Regis to make better quality and larger events.” While Tilong certainly has many good ideas for Regis, she also has the credentials to back up her touted experience in effecting the kind of change she wishes to.

While interviewing Tilong in Walker’s Pub I quickly realized that her run for RUSGA President has been a long time in the making, spanning as far back as her first semester of freshman year here at Regis when she was thinking of leaving, but instead decided to stay to change those things which she disagreed with. This is something Tilong has consistently done while here at Regis, refusing to accept how things are and instead changing them for the better.

This attitude is reflected in her work as an RA, as she states, “I love being an RA, I feel that at Regis there is a lot of stigma’s around RA’s and as one I can work to reduce that stigma and change those ideas about RA’s,” as well as her reaction to policies she finds unfair such as the former rule within the University that stated that one can’t be involved in both Resident Life and RUSGA. This was a rule which Tilong was instrumental in helping get overturned due to the leadership qualities she sees cultivated as an RA that are also easily cross-applied to working in RUSGA.

Tilong’s accomplishments don’t stop at the Resident Life and RUSGA offices though, as she is also involved in several other clubs and offices here on campus. One of Tilong’s largest leadership positions here on campus is that of BSA President. One of the accomplishments she’s most proud of as the leader of BSA for the past two years is, “Getting students together that are different and diverse, the majority of BSA is actually not black and I’m really proud of that.” Some of the more specific events and actions Tilong has taken as President of BSA include, but are not limited to: getting a space in Clarke Hall that BSA can call their own and use to meet in every week, helping create and host on campus events such as the Colin Kaepernick conversation, the BLM rally, the Black Out at the Regis basketball game as well as the conversations with faculty and students that followed the basketball game which all took place this past year.

When asked where Tilong gets her talents for being able to bring people together and host events she references her past work in both the Diversity and Violence Prevention offices which she states, “[These offices] showed me what needs to change. They showed me what resources are helpful in creating change and not just good looking. It also helped me to gain the confidence necessary to make change and to stand up for what I believe in.”

RUSGA Candidate Annelise Pehr Question and Answer

By Emily Summers, Staff Writer

Here’s a Q&A with RUSGA Student Body President candidate Annelise Pehr. Voting is open now and you can find the link in your email.

Highlander: What position are you running for?

Annelise Pehr: I am running for student body president

Highlander: Tell me a little bit about yourself.

AP: I am currently finishing out my junior year and I am a double major in Sociology and Peace & Justice Studies with a minor in Spanish. I grew up in Los Angeles, California as the only daughter of a Mexican Catholic mother and Jewish father. I never imagined I would end up in Denver, Colorado let alone Regis. In the spring of my senior year my parents and I came to visit another school in Denver that I had been admitted to, but I disliked everything about it, so in an effort to not make the trip a bust, my dad remembered that there was a Catholic university in Denver. We hopped in our rental car and walked around Regis during the infamous Ranger Day blizzard that I have only heard stories about from upperclassmen. I filled out the application in our hotel room later that evening and I was admitted in May, but with not enough aid. Fast forward through two months of planning to attend my safety school, Regis was able to give me

enough aid to attend. With about three weeks notice, I packed my bags and moved to a new state where I would make a place that I am lucky enough to call my home today.

Highlander: What is the focus of your campaign?

AP: The focus of my campaign is to make all people feel that they have a home at Regis, especially those that have been underserved such as commuters and all members of affinity groups. I have spent my entire week campaigning by talking to and asking students what they want to see and overwhelmingly I have listened to students’ deep desires for wanting to belong in this space no matter how “weird” they are and that same desire goes from people that identify as conservative Catholics to queer atheists.

Highlander: What is one thing you would like to improve most at Regis?

AP: As of right now my campaign focuses on three main tenets, but one specific facet of Regis that I would like to improve most is how RUSGA represents students. This year RUSGA went through a massive renovation in an effort to make it a governing body that does effectively represent the diverse voices in our student body, but it still has a long way to go. I plan to improve RUSGA involvement by advocating for policies that train student leaders to give them the tools necessary in order to be able to make the change that they themselves deem necessary within our bureaucratic structures.

Highlander: What qualities do you possess that make you the most qualified for the position?

AP: Well, first and foremost, I am a great listener which is an incredibly important skill for a president to have. In order to be an effective president my job is not to uphold my own interests, but it is to uphold those of the student body which I can do by listening to my constituents. I am also a competent communicator in which I demonstrated this year through my championing of IgnatianQ, an effort to put Regis at the forefront of queer inclusivity on Catholic campuses. I worked to bring IgnatianQ's national movement to the Regis campus through a year long campaign to bolster allyship and education around LGBTQ+ identities. Through this work I have not only learned how to acquire administrative support on student movements, but also shown long-term dedication and commitment to projects that students care about on campus. Lastly, I am patient. I am a realist and I know that in a year long presidency a lot of empty promises can be made, but that is not who I am. I promise to have depth rather than breadth in the policies RUSGA takes on next year to represent you and to be patient in gathering student voices in our paving the path for progress.

Q: Why should students vote for you?

A: Students should vote for me because I am experienced with the workings of RUSGA, I have a successful working relationship with administrators, and I am a fierce advocate for student needs.

*The only edits to this transcript were made for punctuation. All content represents the original discussion of the reporter and candidate.

Making Probiotic Sodas!

Kamil Wojciak, Staff Writer

During Earth Week, students learned and created their own probiotic sodas, while gaining knowledge of the culture and history of sugar. To gain more knowledge on sugar and to create their own probiotic sodas, students went to the second floor of the Student Center at 6:00 PM on April 28th.

Starting off, there was a round of introductions. Each individual stated their name, pronouns, major, and their relationship with sugar. Asia Dorsey, one of the event’s leaders, cleansed the air with the art of smudging, and allowed others to try out her three blends of probiotic sodas. The three blends were blueberry, root beer, and plain. Also, the audience learned more about the benefits of smudging on how these burnt herbs have antimicrobial properties and how they can literally cleanse the air.

The idea of our relationship of sugar became a large topic of discussion and became the main theme of the event. Dorsey explained how the sugar we mainly consume daily, white sugar, is empty and does not par with nature itself. However, Dorsey explained how white sugar can be complete and full if it is combined with molasses. Delving back into the past, the group starts to learn about the culture and history of sugar. Specifically, the group learned that in India, people drank sugar water made with sugarcane, and it was both nutritious and beneficial. It was now understood that before the mass production and creation of white sugar, sugar was a product of nature that had beneficial properties.

After all the conversing about sugar, it was time for people to start making their own probiotic sodas!

Here are the steps they followed:

  1. Each individual grabbed their own jar that will serve as the place for primary fermentation.

  2. People personally put their saliva in their jars (this is important to designate the microbes for production).

  3. Ingredients were put in and consisted of water, sugar, lemons, dried fruit, and cultures.

  4. Now for after the event: 24 to 48 hours of time for the drink to complete a cycle.

These steps will be able to create a fresh batch of probiotic sodas, however, Dorsey taught the audience on how to continue their batch and make it thrive. Do you remember how it was discussed that sugar and molasses make a whole and how that combination has beneficial properties? Well, that is exactly how the microbes are meant to be fed! Feeding the microbes properly with this sugar/molasses combo, and proper temperature regulation, will allow anyone to create as many batches of probiotic soda they want!

This event was a good mix of being educational and entertaining, learning about the nature of sugar and the creation of probiotic sodas. While Earth week may be over, the knowledge gained and the creation of new batches of probiotic sodas will continue on!

The 2019 Regis Innovation Challenge Finals

By: Kamil Wojciak, Staff Writer

Here at Regis University, students and staff were able to promote their businesses and business ideas, and had the opportunity to receive cash prizes to help their businesses become successful. Hosted by the Innovation Center and the Anderson College of Business, the 2019 Regis Innovation Challenge Finals took place in the Mountain View Room of Claver Hall on April 12th, 7:00 PM to around 9:35 PM. This final competition had nine finalists pitching their business ideas for the prizes of $1,000, $5,000, and $10,000, to help start their business. In the words of Dr. Ken Sagendorf, the director of the Innovation Center, this competition is meant to help “solve our world’s problems, and make it better.”

These nine competitors all presented at the event, in this chronological order:

  1. MyHomeFix: an augmented-reality and educational app with the purpose of helping to do home repairs, using tutorials and step-by-step guides.

  2. Invictus Project: a mental health procedure focused on traumatic brain injuries, PTSD, depression, and more; the Invictus Project also brings a more scientific approach to mental treatment with hormone replacement, ketamine infusion, high oxygen hyperbaric therapy, and more.

  3. Instream Water: a highly convenient and affordable water refill station, helping remove plastic waste by removing the need of plastic water bottles.

  4. Brand$tanding: a card game where you pitch business ideas, also serving the purpose of educating people.

  5. Rock-n-Rides: a transportation service that goes to the Red Rocks Amphitheatre from the Denver area and vice-versa.

  6. The Nest: an empowering spiritual movement by the use of workshops and retreats.

  7. A To Z Logic: a service specializing in enterprise cyber security, intended for mid-size companies to households.

  8. PinQuest Golf: a golf training app meant to improve the short game, while being fun and competitive.

  9. CampCrate: a service that allows people to rent a box of camping equipment, and receive planning details for specific trips/adventures.

For the competition, each team had five minutes to pitch their business idea to the audience and judges. Immediately after pitching their ideas, the judges had five minutes to ask questions on the business idea. Even though the judges contributed to most of the competitors’ scores (80% of the final score), the audience was actually able to vote on the competitors themselves (20% of the final score). For the audience to vote, all they had to do was go onto a specific website, and enter the percent of favorability of each presenter; also, the total percent of favorability had to equal 100%.

With all the voting and scoring provided by the judges and audience, they were able to announce the competitors that will receive the cash prizes. The three competitors announced were MyHomeFix, Invictus, and CampCrate. All three competitors on the stage waited to hear what prize they were going to get. Then, they announced the prizes to each of the competitors. The competitor that received the $1,000 prize was Invictus, the competitor that received the $5,000 prize was MyHomeFix, and last but not least, CampCrate received the $10,000 prize.

While the competitors and some audience members may have seen the event as serious, it was highly educational and entertaining to see the innovative concepts displayed on that stage that night. If you have missed this event, I highly recommend you go to the final event of the 2020 Innovation Challenge on April 17th, 2020!