Stations of the Cross at the O’Sullivan Gallery

By: Patrick O’Neill, Staff Writer

This week at Regis’ own O’Sullivan Art Gallery, Trine Bumiller displayed and discussed her new series of paintings, Stations of the Cross.

Trine Bumiller, a Denver artist studied art at various institutions including in Rome. Her work has been displayed in museums and galleries across the world. She even has installations at the Colorado Convention Center and has displayed pieces at the Botanic Gardens and Denver’s Robischon Gallery.

This particular installation had 14 large paintings stretched out on the 4 walls of the gallery. These dynamic pieces presented a symbolic study of the Stations of the Cross. The Stations of the Cross describes Christ’s last day of life as he carried the cross to the hill, according to the Bible stories.

From the beginning of her artistic career Trine was always interested in sacred and holy places. She wanted to create a “soothing and contemplative” installation and thought what better place than Regis’ O’Sullivan Gallery. As few know, the O’Sullivan Gallery was once Regis’ chapel before the new one was built. Trine Bumiller was inspired by the design and atmosphere on the building and wanted her work in it.

Trine was inspired by a Jewish artist, Barnett Newman’s abstract representation of the Stations of the Cross. Many artists such as Matisse and Rothko have portrayed the Stations of the Cross throughout their careers.

Trine was also inspired by natural subjects and uses up to 40 layers of paint on each canvas. She tried her best to incorporate elements seen in tree branches in these pieces with dull colors. Since about 1996 Trine has been working on similar natural and religious themes in her work, keeping stories and memories alive.

“What are we without our memories,” she said in her gallery talk on January 31.
The Stations of the Cross will be running at the O’Sullivan Gallery until February 15. The Gallery is open Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday from 10am – 4pm and on Thursday from 2-8pm.