Seven Albums Every College Student Should Know

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          The college lifestyle is like a whirlwind of excitement, stress, ridiculous adventures and heartache; a muse for all of these emotions is music. Music carries us through our experiences; it lifts us up when we face hardship and joins us in success. As we through this daunting experience of college together, I recommend every college student give these albums a listen. Taking the time to listen to a whole album may seem too much or even boring but albums tell stories. They carry you through someone’s life, some that you might relate to and that inspire its audience. I’d characterize my music taste as eclectic and this list definitely reflects that. However, each of these albums carry their own stories, experiences, genres and each allows the listener to confide in them.

1.Andy Shauf: The Bearer of Bad News: This album is a taste of modern jazz that you didn't know you needed. During the harsh winter on campus, cuddle up with some coffee or tea and let Shauf’s voice and melodic instrumentals transport you to a musky coffee shop on the South side of some sleepy city.

2.Childish Gambino: Awaken, My Love: This is a new and fresh take on funk. Observing  Gambino, pop/ hip-hop artist, transform into complex funkadelic master is extremely interesting and this album takes on the transition gracefully. Listening to this pop-funk album is prime to impress your friends with and to accompany you as you groove around campus.

3.Allan Rayman: Hotel Allan: I guarantee you’ve never heard anything like Allan Rayman. His voice is rich and the instrumentals reverberate in your mind for hours; both captivate its listener and will get you woke.

4.Bob Dylan: Bringing it All Back: It’s time for some folk appreciation. Bob Dylan is a poetic voice of a generation, revolution and nation. This album will transport you back to 1960’s but still holds truths that relate to 2017. The simplicity of his album makes it extremely easy to listen to but be warned, don’t just let the lyrics go unnoticed, stay woke and take these messages to heart.

5.Florist: The Birds Sang Outside: I dont feel feelings, but when I do I listen to this album. Those who relate, and those who don’t, will love this nostalgic piece that makes you feel 8 again.

6.The Velvet Underground: The Velvet Underground: TVU’s third and self-titled album challenged mainstream music and culture in the 80’s and is a classic work that epitomizes the beauty of personal, heartfelt and honest songwriting and performance that creates an awesome album: which assures you you’re ok, everything will be ok.

7.Ms. Lauryn Hill: MTV Unplugged: This is the rawest album I’ve ever listened to. Hill focuses on spirituality, the album includes interludes of Hill sharing many personal stories and insights, but don’t let this deter you because it’s all about facing and overcoming adversity, showing gratitude and finding joy in music.

Chiggity-check these out guys and add some to your musical knowledge.

Lizzie Brown Staff Reporter