Movie Review: The LEGO Batman Movie

(Photo: Google Images)

          Do all important movies start with a black screen? Batman answers “Yes” and thus begins this animated feature spin-off of the 2014 hit The LEGO Movie. Continuing once again in the world of LEGOS, we are reintroduced to the legendary superhero Batman (voiced by Will Arnett) with his self-praising attitude charged with the prestigious duty to protect the city of Gotham from the notorious Joker (voiced by Zach Galifianakis) and his henchmen of villains. When an unexpected act of surrender from the Joker and villains occurs, Batman faces the threat of being relieved of his superhero position by the new Gotham police commissioner Barbara (voiced by Rosario Dawson). Batman later  indirectly adopts a young boy named Dick (voiced by Michael Cera) from the orphanage. Knowing that the Joker would never surrender, Batman takes it upon himself to figure out the Joker’s plans and sets out to stop him with Dick and his new sidekick, Robin.

          While many believe a side character who moves into the starring role will not do the movie justice. However, The LEGO Batman Movie is surprisingly successful with Batman -- previously a side character in The LEGO Movie -- in the star role. Batman and the cast bring wit and humor that both adults and children can find humorous. The references to the world of superheroes, villains, and LEGOS in general can keep any audience member entertained. Where this movie falls a little short is the lack of a general song this movie can be known for. While The LEGO Movie introduced “Everything is Awesome” into the minds of millions of fans, there is no equivalent song introduced in The LEGO Batman Movie (or at least one that is memorable anyway). However, there is still heart and action packed sequences that are artistically captured in clear and bright animation.

          So, what is significant about The LEGO Batman Movie within the community here at Regis? One of the Jesuit values that we undertake here is “men and women for and with others.” Obviously, Batman is a superhero, meaning he has an easy time being a man for others. Through his crime fighting skills and vast collections of gadgets and weapons, he is able to serve and protect his community to the best of his ability. However, in this movie, Batman has a hard time with the second part of this value: to be a man with others. When the threat of the Joker and the other villains is too strong for just Batman, he learns how to accept the help of others and embraces the teamwork and family bond between himself, Barbara, Robin, and the butler Alfred (voiced by Ralph Fiennes). Through this unity, Batman demonstrates the benefit of serving with others who come from diverse backgrounds and experiences. Batman and the member of his team come together with a unique set of talents to find the best solution for the purpose of creating a better community.

Allison Upchurch Staff Reporter