Mr. Regis 2017

(Photo: Frances Meng-Frecker)

               Showcased in the Field House, the Mr. Regis event kicked off with the introduction of the MCs of the night, “Ethel” and “Ed”, respectively sophomore Marley Weaver-Gabel and senior John Mortiz. Throughout the night, “Ethel” and “Ed” led contests for the audience during transitions and made the audience laugh with a slew of jokes and riddles. They also introduced judges Matt Steward S.J., Jennifer Wink, and Trisha Litz.

               The contestants of Mr. Regis were freshman Tim Smith, sophomore Noah Jones, junior Jorge Palacios, and sophomore Zach Martinez. To kick off the entertainment, the contestants did a group dance to various tunes as each person got to showcase their own freestyle moves. At the end, they encouraged the audience to join them onstage in a rendition of “The Cupid Shuffle”.

               The talent portion was when each contestant got to show off their unique abilities. Tim was first with a slam poem based on the Black Lives Matter movement spoken in both English and Spanish. Next, Noah rapped an original piece, one he admitted he wrote that morning, called “Recognize”. Then, Jorge came onto the stage to play the cello accompanied by two of his friends who joined in on the drums and piano. Last, Zach sang and played the electric guitar to the song “Heartbeat” by José Gonzalez.

               Next, each contestant answered a set of questions. Some notable answers include Tim saying his spirit animal is a puppy, Noah saying that if he was President of the United States his first policy would be to forgive all student debt, Jorge saying that if he could be any influential person for the day it would be Malala Yousafzai, and Zach saying that if he could be a pet and chose any owner he would want to be a cat and have his owner be Mahatma Gandhi.

               The judges then went off to converse and decide on a winner. In an interesting turn of events, the judges actually had a tie so they needed to break the tie with one last question. At the end, the judges decided to give the title of Mr. Regis to Jorge Palacios and Tim Smith received the title of runner up. To cap off the night, the Regis community came together, dawning thick jackets and wrapped in blankets, to watch a fireworks display with bright colors and canon fire beams shooting into the Colorado night sky.