RUBOS: Connecting Students to the Business of Sports

(Photo: Frances Meng-Frecker)

               On April 11 in the Mountain View Room, the Regis University Business of Sports Club, led by Ethan Beaudoin and Marco Burciaga, held an event from 6-8 pm. They hosted three incredibly qualified individuals to discuss the logistics behind sports and production. With the right mindset and work ethic, they explain that you can succeed in the competitive and time-consuming fields of sports journalism, event operations and display systems.

               Casey Light, who is the general manager of Mile High Sports, discussed how he ended up in the occupation he is in. He played one year of college baseball before realizing that he wasn’t getting what he wanted out of it and transferred to receive his degree in English. He wanted to be an English teacher, but in searching for a career, he landed in sports radio. He said that he “listened to sports talk radio” while in the car and found an internship, which is what let him to where he is today.

               Eli Madden is the Director of Ticket Sales and Services for the Colorado Mammoth Lacrosse team. Madden went to the University of Minnesota and after graduating, he started an internship organizing snowmobile and ATV races. That internship gave him enough experiences to grow into event operations, which is how he partnered with the Colorado Mammoth and says he, “loves the business side of sports.”

               Tabor Chapman of Kroenke Sports and Entertainment played soccer for 18 years, and was very interested in sports and production. He dj’d for the Denver Nuggets before switching to display systems. Chapman explained that, “Everything I did growing up prepared me for this job.”

               The event an amazing opportunity for those who attended to get some important insight in the sports world and to get it firsthand from those who are most apart of that system! The Regis University Business of Sports Club hosts networking events throughout the school year to connect students to sports and business. Students who are interested in getting involved can contact Ethan Beaudoin at

Danny Rolander Staff Reporter