Let’s Get Down to Business – Sports Style

(Photo: Forbes)

               Do you have a passion for sports and business? Have you ever had the desire to pursue a career in sports, but don’t know how to get your foot in the door? Look no further than the RU Sports-Worthy | Business of Sports Club (RUBOS), at Regis University.

               The Business of Sports Club Program was launched this year at Regis University, with the objective of connecting Regis students who are in interested in the business of sports and sports management to professionals in the field in Colorado.

               This year, members have had the opportunity to attend several sport and entertainment networking events throughout Denver. Kroenke Sports and Entertainment, Mile High Sports, and the Colorado Avalanche were just some of the top sports organizations and companies that the club has worked with. The students found these events to be incredible experiences.  The events gave the students the chance to mix, mingle and chat one-on-one with the companies’ executives and representatives that attended. Some of these discussions could lead to internships and open up career opportunities for the future.

               An objective for this club is to give Regis students the opportunity to connect with sports and entertainment industry professionals.  A long-term club goal is to put Regis on the map as a premier institution that can compete with other schools in the Denver area and throughout Colorado, by offering a sports management club. Club executives are looking into hosting sport and entertainment networking events on the Regis campus.  This would give Regis students, faculty and staff the opportunity to meet, chat and develop relationships with the sports industry pros, from the comfort of their own school.  It would also eliminate the burden of transportation to events and event fees.  

               There are big plans ahead for this club’s future, so be sure to stay tuned for all of the updates!  Together, we can help pave a path of success for the club, and help Regis make its mark with one of the top sports management club program in Colorado.

               This club is different than other clubs on campus given virtual style – the club doesn’t meet in person.  However, if you desire to work in the sports industry after reading this, or if you are simply interested in learning more about the Business of Sports club, please contact Ethan Beaudoin: wbeaudoin@regis.edu, for more details.

Ethan Beaudoin Staff Reporter