Are You Woke?

        Are You Woke was an event held at Regis’ Walkers Pub on February 7. This event highlighted the affinity groups at Regis. The groups represented were the Black Student Alliance (BSA), Brown (Latino, Chicano, Hispanic, etc.) Student Alliance (SOMOS), Gender Sexuality Alliance (GSA), Asian Student Alliance ASA), Hawaiian Student Alliance (HSA) and finally the International Student Alliance (ISA).

        All exist to create safe spaces and support to their respective communities while during their college experiences. All the different alliance groups host community events, like the upcoming luaua hosted by HSA!

        For more information about Regis’ different affinity groups, visit the Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusive Excellence located in the Coors Life Direction Center. More information can also be found here:

Elisia Medina Staff Reporter