Rock Still Lives

By: AC Covarrubias, Staff Writer

         Music is an art form that has been around since the dawn of humanity and as we evolve, so makes the music we have created. Rock is one genre that nowadays seems to be an endangered genre. There are bands such as imagine dragons who by themselves are a fantastic rock band, but they are not as influential as bands such as Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones, and AC/DC. These bands are not the kings, but the gods that molded rock as we know today. Rock is being different in its purest form. It is all about gambling on your music, which is something most music records nowadays tend to avoid. Songs such as Black Sabbath (which is a song made by Black Sabbath in their first album, Black Sabbath in 1971), Stairway to Heaven, (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction, and Back in Black. Before the early 2000s music was evolving in new and unique ways, one could never have imagined. Black Sabbath gave birth to heavy metal, Led Zeppelin created what is considered the greatest rock song of all time, The Rolling Stones were the ones to invent arena rock, and AC/DC established the noisy good-time rock ‘n’ roll we know and love.

         So what? What relevance does it have in a world that is more in tune with rappers, pop stars, and EDM producers? The answer is reliability. Rock can be made in any form and still be loved, but again, retain its genre. Songs such as The Immigrant Song makes you feel that you are a Viking. Jumpin’ Jack Flash can make you feel upbeat and happy. Black Sabbath (the song) can make you feel a sense of dread and fear of mortality. Back in Black makes you feel like a badass, ready to defeat whatever comes at you. The bands who made these songs wrote them from their experiences, lessons, and imagination, not from corporate sellouts as common of as today. Not to say that all music artists of today are sellouts, or to say that all of these rock bands wrote all of their songs, they just made enough to get the world’s attention. It is what makes rock an art form, and poetry. Whether it is hard rock, metal, blues rock, or classic rock, one thing's for sure, music, in general, can bring people together.