Celebrating Earth Day at Regis!

By: Kamil Wojciak, Staff Reporter

At the beach here at Regis University, people were making tie-dye shirts, taking care of succulents, eating snacks and much more! Specifically, all of these activities took place during the Earth Day event on April 3rd, 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM.

Earth Day, a day that is celebrated internationally on April 22nd, is meant to give recognition to environmental issues that impact our planet and how to protect our environment. Founded in 1970 to originally teach people about these environmental issues, it has now become a staple holiday around the world.

While our Earth Day event at Regis was not one that helped resolve any environmental issues in our community, it allowed students to enjoy being outside in the sunny environment and to participate in multiple activities of their choice. The two main attractions were the tie-dye shirts and the succulents.

For making their own personal tie-dye shirts, the participants were given a white shirt and many materials to help aid their creative process. Firstly, students clumped up their shirts into a spherical shape, and used rubber bands to keep that shape formed. Then, the students were appropriately able to start tie-dying their shirts with the large variety of colored inks to choose from. When they were satisfied with their tie-dye shirt, they were given a Ziploc bag to safely store and keep their new personalized shirt.

While many participants made tie-dye shirts, the succulents also were high in popularity; as there was a limited amount of succulents, only the earlier guests were able to participate in this activity. With each individual having their own succulent, they had the opportunity to paint their pot for the succulent that they are going to plant in that pot. Like the tie-dye shirts, there was a large variety of paints that the artist could use, but no paint brushes in the vicinity. To solve the lack of paint brushes, finger painting was used and allowed great fun for this activity.

The Earth Day event at Regis was a great way to enjoy the sunny spring weather outside that was somewhat lacking by the recent weather we were having, and was also a fun way to express our artistic sense within us.