You Are an Academic Elite

By : Rose Ferrie, Staff Writer

As a student in higher education, you have been gifted the status of academic elite: you are one of 30% of you g United States adults (18-24) that attend a 4-year-university. If you apply the important knowledge you gain from your studies, whether your major is Peace and Justice, Biology, Mathematics, Art, or any other program Regis offers, you have the pleasure and privilege to learn things at a collegiate level. 

Wednesday, Sept. 18, Romero House, opened their doors to invite conversation and sharing. Through this open dialogue, students chatted with small groups of peers about abortion. They discussed Roe v. Wade, the new abortion legislation in Alabama, and where this leaves our nation which led to talking about women’s health, sexual education, and ways to resolve differing opinions. This event is one way Regis prepares students to be part of an educated and engaged public, working at our Jesuit mission: men and women for and with others. 

Romero House holds hospitality nights every Wednesday that are open to all.

Source- National Center for Education Statistics