Gallery Talk: Sandra C. Fernández

(Photo: Frances Meng-Frecker)

               Sandra C. Fernández is a printmaker born in Queens, NY and raised in Quito, Ecuador. She moved back to the United States when she was 22 to get her master’s degree. She was not always an artist, but she became one when she moved to the United States. She has instructed various art classes, including photography and printmaking at several universities in the United States for over 20 years. When Sandra Fernández moved to the US, she had a difficult time. During her “Artist Talk” opening reception on March 23, she reflects, “It took me awhile to find myself.” Her struggles are represented in her art. These struggles are not just the ones she faced as she discovered herself, but the struggles she faced culturally and politically. Fernández later said, “You are who you are and sooner or later that will come out.”

               The art pieces displayed in the O’Sullivan Art Gallery are all prints. These beautiful prints are related to Fernández’s background and culture. They have a cultural relevance and Fernández says, “Every print has a story behind it and corresponds to a time in my life.” There are many themes that are represented throughout the collection including; divorce, trauma, culture, borders, immigration, women, politics, and cells. Her collection is full of beautiful pieces that tell a meaningful story.

               Sandra Fernández is now a full-time artist who loves what she does. Go to the O’Sullivan Art Gallery before April 14 to learn about her story and witness the influences in Fernández’s life. To learn more about Sandra C. Fernández visit her website at .

Frances Meng-Frecker Staff Reporter