Regis University Story Slam Preview

               On Thursday, April 6 the Student Disability Services and University Testing will be holding an Autism Awareness Story Slam. It will be at Regis University in Walker’s Pub and begins at 6:00 pm. They invite you to either come and enjoy the show or share a story, poem or song that follows the theme of “A Different World.” The stories should be no more than 10 minutes long. Coordinator Grace Herbison wants people to feel free to join and let go of the thought that disability awareness entitles something somber.

               Herbison shares, “when many of us think about the barriers that impact people with disabilities, we often focus on diagnoses and impairments, and we sometimes overlook the social barriers such as stereotypes and discrimination…I believe that this event will help challenge stereotypes of disabled people because I think real stories allow others to see each person as an individual with unique experiences and perspectives which can help dispel any general assumptions there are about people with disabilities.”

Elisia Medina Staff Reporter