Trump’s Environmental Policies Put Into Action

(Photo: Stephen Crowley/New York Times)

               Following failure to pass his healthcare plan, President Trump made a power move on Tuesday March 28 by issuing an executive order to nullify President Obama’s Clean Power Plan. Obama’s plans to protect the environment included closing hundreds of coal-fired power plants and moves to replace harmful energy-producing sources with wind and solar energy. Further, Obama vowed that from 2005 to 2025, he would reduce emissions by 26 percent.

               Trump’s move counters the Paris Agreement, which was signed by the United States with the ultimate goal of preventing the the planet’s temperature from rising more than 3.6 degrees, which scientists warn will be the point of no return. Trump has yet to decide whether or not he will back out of the formal agreement. Erik Solheim, director ofthe United Nations Environment Program expresses disapproval by saying, “This is not the time for any country to change course on the very serious and very real threat of climate change . . . the science tells us that we need bolder, more ambitious commitments.” Harvard environmental economics professor adds, “One of the greatest concerns is what other key countries including China, India, and Brazil will do when the U.S. reneges on the Paris agreement.”

               Trump justifies his decision by claiming he is saving jobs for large numbers of people, but supporters of Obama’s climate change efforts are highly concerned about the challenges global warming presents for future generations.

Alanna Shinger Staff Reporter