Humans of Regis: Celia Salazar

(Photo courtesy of Celia Salazar)

What brought you to Regis University?

 I was looking for a school that carried the same Jesuit values and small-community atmosphere that my high school had. While I was open to it, I honestly never had any intention of leaving California (where I'm from.) So ending up in Colorado was an enormous adjustment/opportunity of growth for me. You never know where you'll end up.  I've learned a ton and experienced a lot in my short three years here.

What is your favorite Jesuit Value? Why?

Out of all of the Jesuit Values, my favorite would have to be Cura Personalis (caring for the whole person.) Growing up, I've both had and needed some important mentors to guide me through my many life experiences. I've come to understand how truly wonderful it is to have loving people accept you for who you are and support everything that makes you unique; your past, your struggles, your dreams. My ultimate goal is to be this for as many people as I can. To meet people where they are and help them to grow. I think the world needs more love, understanding, compassion and patience. Humans are complex individuals with different needs, hopes, and paths. And we need to help each other figure out what those things are to bring them forth and make our troubled world a brighter place.

What has been your fondest memory of Regis?

It's a no-brainer, but most of my fondest memories at Regis have occurred with all of my friends during choir and Ramblers. We're all this disgustingly wonderful tight-knit group of people who love each other, and it's, the best. My friends are the reason I come back to school every single year. I would be nothing without them. 

What has been your fondest memory on the Regis University Ramblers?

Part of the reason why theatre is so awesome is because no single show is ever the same, and mishaps are bound to happen. And when encountering this, you just have to cling on for dear life and get through it like it's part of the show. The first that comes to mind happened during Bye Bye Birdie last year when one of our leads bit into a fake donut only to discover (on stage, mind you) that it was actually a squeaky toy. Everyone was crying. No one on stage (or in the audience) was able to quell their laughter. It was great.

What are you most looking forward to about this year’s show, Urinetown?

 I'm most looking forward to FINALLY SINGING WITH AN ORCHESTRA. My high school theatre department was tiny and we always sang with tracks. So as a Music Major and musical theatre lover, I'm looking forward to finally experiencing what it feels like to perform with a live band for the first time ever.

Is there anything else you would like the Regis community to know?

You are loved and you are extraordinary! When it comes down to it, life and people matter. Remember this when things get hard. And remind yourself why you're doing whatever it is you are doing.

Samantha Jewell Social Media Editor