Tennyson Treats!

Photo Essay: Addison Callahan

Tenn Street Coffee.jpg

Tenn Street Coffee, 4418 Tennyson St:

Tenn Street Coffee is a fun retro tea house that hosts book and music events. This coffee shop sells books in addition to caffeinated beverages. They also often host signing events with local authors. If you are looking for a down to earth homey coffee house this is the one for you!


Parisi, 4401 Tennyson St:

Parisi is an amazing italian restaurant which serves incredibly authentic food. Not only does it have wonderful main courses, it also boasts a coffee shop and gelato bar. If you’re on Tennyson make sure to stop by to pick up an espresso shot and some delicious double chocolate gelato.

Cozy Cottage.jpg

Cozy Cottage, 4363 Tennyson St:

The Cozy Cottage is a 5280 top brunch location and has earned the title ten times over. With incredible lattes served in mismatched mugs their whimsy and charm can help but shine through. Their french toast is one of the best I have ever tasted and their staff is always happy to make any accommodations. I highly recommend it for any breakfast meeting or get together.

Children's store.jpg

Children’s Books, 4353 Tennyson St:

This children's store brings magic and inspiration to a whole new level. With book readings and other special events, it draws families with small children like a magnet. They are always helpful when suggesting gifts for little ones and make you feel right at home.


Bookbar, 4280 Tennyson St:

The Bookbar is a combination of my two favorite things: caffeine and reading. The bookstore walls are lined with the staffs favorite picks. You are always welcome to speak with the staff and they will give you wonderful recommendations about which book to read next. Their full coffee bar leaves nothing to be desired and they boast an amazing happy hour. With a menu reflecting literary references one cannot help but be transported back in time when people read paperbacks instead of computer screens.

Tea Forever.jpg

Tea For Ewe, 4234 Tennyson St:

This location prides itself on having over 30 teas on its shelves and all kinds of tea dispensers. In addition to their large variety of tea the store carries a wide range of yarn for all of your knitting needs. If you are a tea lover or knitter this store is your paradise. This is a great place to sip tea and talk with fellow crafters.


Tootsie the Nail Shoppe, 4230 Tennyson St:

Tennyson street is home to the very popular nail salon chain, Tootsie. If you need a places to go relax after a challenging exam, this is the place. Incredibly welcoming and very clean they will give you the most relaxing pedicure of your life!

Monkey First Tattoo.jpg

Monkey Fist Tattoo, 4345 W 41st Ave:

Monkey Fist Tattoo studio employs many talented artists who are always willing to work with their customer to create the perfect tattoo design. They are reasonable priced for their quality of work and will do touch ups for free. If you are looking to get ink close to Regis, this is the studio for you!

Vital Yoga.jpg

Vital Yoga, 3955 Tennyson St:

Vital has been my yoga studio for almost 9 months now. It is a warm and welcoming environment that puts you at ease when you first walk in the door. They practice bowspring yoga, a challenging but rewarding style. When you sign up for classes, they perform a posture and alignment assessment to give you a starting point. After three months of classes they will reassess and show you how you have improved. The instructors are amazing and always willing to work with you if your have any specific needs or concerns.

Vital Root.jpg

Vital Root, 3915 Tennyson St:

Vital Root is the brainchild of Vital Yoga and Root Down restaurant. It combines the culinary mastery of Root Down but the relaxed feel of a yoga studio. They use organic foods sourced from local farms and work closely with the local grocers. They also have specific gluten free, vegetarian, and vegan meals on their menu.

Allegro, 4040 Tennyson St:

Allegro is new to Tennyson street, having only opened a few months ago. They have incredible fair trade coffee drinks and delicious pastries. They also have coffee brews that put a new spin on alcoholic beverages. The layout of the shop is open with a large amount of seating and windows.

Hops and Pie.jpg

Hops and Pie, 3920 Tennyson St:

As the name suggests, this restaurant is most known for their beer selection and inventive pizza. WIth a rotating brew menu you are always bound to find a new and amazing beers! Their IPA mac and cheese is out of this world! A must have with every meal no matter what! The staff is always great with beer suggestions and will allow you to anything from tasters to pints. They also have great deals, like their Tuesday two slice and two pint night.