Terror in London: Armed Man Crashes Vehicle and Kills 3 Near U.K. Parliament

(Photo: Andrew Testa/New York Times)

               British parliament calls terror on the man armed with a knife who crashed his car near the Westminster Bridge, ran onto parliament territory, stabbed a policeman, and was then shot by security on March 22 around 2:40 pm. The policeman, the attacker, and two people hit by the attacker’s car have died, and twenty more people are injured. The injured include three police officers and a group of visiting French students.

               The police have begun a counter-terrorism investigation. It is understood that there was only one attacker present during the incident. London is taking the event seriously and has had the area outside Parliament evacuated, plus extra police are on duty in response to the attack. The police ask the public to continue to stay away from the parliament building and to report any suspicious activity around the city.

               One passer-by reports, “I didn’t see the impact, I heard it, it sounded like a car hitting a sheet of metal . . . I saw people lying on the tarmac . . . The taxi driver rang the emergency services, and people rushed to help.”

               France’s President François Hollande extends support during a press conference by stating, “Terrorism affects us all, and France knows the pain the British people is enduring today.”

Alanna Shingler Staff Reporter