Uber’s President Quits After Just Six Months

(Photo: Brittany Herbert/Mashable)

               Uber riders have thought twice about hailing cars via the popular transportation networking company in the past six months and as a result, new president Jeff Jones is seeing his way out of the executive position. From sexual harassment allegations to a movement to delete the app as political protest, there is no doubt that the company has taken heat in recent months.

               The former Target CMO gave a press conference with Uber’s drivers in attempts to get feedback and better company policies, but it did not go as smoothly as planned. In fact, drivers were overwhelmingly angry at their president because they felt his answers addressing compensation were inadequate and that in general, the company does not value its workers.

               Reportedly, Jones’ resignation is tied to the sexual harassment allegations made against the company. Uber’s head of engineering, as well as its head of product design, were fired after the uncovering of inappropriate behavior on both men’s behalf.

               Scandal upon scandal, Uber was highly criticized in January when it was understood to be capitalizing profit during the airport protests following President Trump’s executive order which called to ban immigrants and refugees. As a result, the #DeleteUber movement caused 200,000 users to delete their accounts with the company.

               In response to the news on March 18, the company released a statement, “We want to thank Jeff for his six months at the company and wish him all the best." For now, CEO Travis Kalanick is on the hunt for the right COO to help restore Uber’s public image.

Alanna Shingler Staff Reporter