The Perfect Movie Theater For You, Near You

               After a long week of school or work, isn’t it nice to reward yourself with a trip to see the latest cinematic release? Of course - but where? Ranging from the independently owned to big chains like Regal and AMC, there are numerous movie theaters in the greater Denver area. To help narrow down your search, here is a quick look of some of the features and pricing at theaters near Regis.

Elvis Cinemas

(Photo by Allison Upchurch)

                This independently owned movie theater shows second run movies: all of the movies it shows have been released about two or three months prior in big theater chains. Because the movies are not of latest release, the theater offers discounted prices on all movies screened. So if you don’t mind waiting it out a few months for a movie, you will be able to see it at Elvis Cinemas for $3 or $4. A great way to see a movie without breaking the bank.

Landmark Theaters: Old Town Stadium 14

(Photo by Allison Upchurch)

               Capturing the charm of movie theaters of the 1940s and 50s, this movie theater offers the latest and highly anticipated movie releases and continues to play these movies based on audience support. Student discounts are offered on the weekend upon request so don’t forget to bring your student ID!

Regal United Artists Denver Pavilions

(Photo by Ishtiaq B.)

                Located along the 16th Street Mall in Downtown Denver, you have the opportunity to see the latest releases or special movie events while sitting comfortably in reclining seats in some of the theaters. With the added bonus of reclining seats, the price of the movie is a little higher than other movie theaters with no student discounts offered.

AMC Westminster Promenade

(Photo by Allison Upchurch)

                At this movie theater, you will first step into a simple open windowed box office area and select the movie tickets you want to buy using a touch screen. Student discounts are offered for showings after 4 pm. Once you have chosen the latest release or movie event to see, you will continue onto the lobby where most of the concessions include a self-service stand for popcorn and hot meals, a soda machine that can spill hundreds of different flavors, and even a bar for those who are 21 years or older and would like to sip on a beer or cocktail.

                Whether sitting in a reclining chair, or saving money using special student pricing, the experience of the movie theater should be as enjoyable as the movies that grace the big screens. Happy movie watching!

Allison Upchurch Staff Reporter