Super Bowl 51 Commercials Get Political

(Photo: Youtube)

            If being able to watch one of the best Super Bowls of all time wasn't enough, this year’s commercials made it even better. The variety of serious and comical commercials made it very hard to let your eyes wander during the commercial breaks.

            Many of the same companies as previous years broadcasted their commercials, but there was an underlying evident theme in many of the commercials. Politics crept into a handful of the ads which can’t be said about many of the previous super bowls. 84 Lumber, Audi, Coca-cola, Budweiser, AirBnb, and Google were just a few of the companies that had politically driven ads.  The 84 Lumber ad seemed to be the talking point of the night on social media probably due to the fact that it was about a mother and daughter who encounter the proposed Mexican border wall and have to figure out how to get around it.

            Despite the 5 million dollar price tag for 30 seconds of airtime, the ads are an integral part of attracting viewers to watch the super bowl. All in all, Super Bowl LI was a great year for commercials, and an even better year for football!

Luke Cahill Staff Reporter