RUSGA Campaign Profile: Claire Swann

          My name is Claire Swann and I am currently a Junior at Regis double-majoring in English and Peace & Justice. Following my undergraduate career, my hopes are to continue on to law school in efforts to practice as a Family Law attorney, specializing in domestic violence.

          For the past 2 years, I have served as an Associate Justice on Regis’ Student Judicial Board. Throughout this time, I have had the pleasure of creating and piloting the “Magis Model” alongside our current Chief Justice and J-Board. Though we are currently testing out this model, I am passionate about implementing it into the new Student Code of Conduct in efforts to both improve student involvement on campus, as well as reduce animosity between the university and students held in violation of the code of conduct.

          Working both on a RUSGA Committee, as well as a director in Student Activities, has brought to light all the incredible opportunities Regis has to offer. I would love to work alongside next year’s RUSGA cabinet in efforts to ensure each Regis student is gaining the most of their college experience. Altogether, I am dedicated to acting as a voice for students in relation to the conduct process to create a successful and sustainable relationship between Regis and its students.