RUSGA Campaign Profile: Chris Miller & Sarah Nguyen

Chris’s Bio:

            Hey everyone, I’m Chris Miller and I’m running for Student Body President.  I am a junior, double majoring in Accounting and Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing.  Three years ago, my experience at Regis started with the Business and Entrepreneurship club(B&E).  I am currently the Senator for the B&E club and was previously the Social Director.  I have been able to use what I’ve learned in the B&E club to my current position as the Program Coordinator of Best of Colorado(BOC).  Being able to lead BOC is such amazing privilege because I get to impact the lives of the incoming freshman and help them get to know their new peers and home.  I’m a huge sports fan, I love to talk about what crazy things are happening in the sports world.  I’m pretty weird when it comes to my favorite sports because I don’t know anyone else who loves a combination of hockey, volleyball, soccer and baseball.  The athletic events and intramurals has been a great way for me to get involved and meet new people.  I love the opportunities that Regis has provided me and how Regis continues to feel like my home.

Sarah’s Bio:

            Hi Everyone! My name is Sarah Nguyen and I’m running for Student Body Vice President. I am a Communication and English major, and a French minor. I was fortunate enough to take on the role of Director of Student Involvement and plan events like Snow Week/Ball, tailgates for Athletics, and Ranger Week. I also am a Commuter Assistant and help plan events for Commuter Students. Being involved and included at Regis is what changed my whole outlook on how I approach life. I used to be somewhat shy and introverted, but challenging myself to open up to others has made all the difference. The extroverted me loves people, like I’m that kid that takes a longer route to class just so I can see a couple more faces. Yeah, that’s a little extra… I’m a huge snacker, meaning I can finish a whole family sized bag of Hot Cheetos or a pint of ice cream in one sitting, which are the only things I won’t share. Though, I am a firm believer in connecting with people over food. I love the long hikes and picnics outside, but a warm coffee shop/bakery is equally as awesome! All of these things make me feel happy and warm, which is what I want for the Regis Community.

Our Platform:

            As leaders and lovers of Regis University, it is our plan and duty to make Regis more transparent, inclusive, and involved. A place for you to call home and people to call family. Some of the initiatives we would like to tackle would be to open cafe to everyone, so that everyone can hang out with friends. Also, keeping the cafe open for longer is something we are working on too! Adding lockers around campus so that people don’t have to lug around all of their books and things is another initiative we have in mind. Ultimately, this is Your Home, Your Voice! Tell us what you want! #RUHome