Catie's Crystal Ball: Baseball Edition

(Photo: Google Images)

            While the end of football season is always met by sadness for avid fans, the good news is it’s never too early to think about baseball. When pitchers and catchers started reporting on Feb. 13, baseball fans everywhere began planning for their respective seasons.

            Will the Cubs have another spectacular season? Or will they have to wait another 100 years or more for their next World Series success?

            Will the Red Sox suffer without legendary David Ortiz at designated hitter?

            Will American League Most Valuable Player Mike Trout lift the Angels to a post-season bid?

            Will the Cleveland Indians make up for the atrocity of the Browns football season by bringing home a championship trophy?

            I could leave it to the experts to decide, but, instead, I’ve decided to make some predictions myself.

            First, a rules prediction: I predict that by the end of the season, the MLB will successfully have pushed for the National League to include designated hitters. Let’s face it, the American League has a huge advantage in excitement over the National League due to the fact that, instead of having their pitchers hit, they get to have a big hitter come out and sink home run after home run.  With viewers searching for more excitement out of baseball, and the MLB searching for better ratings, it only makes sense to substitute unproductive pitchers with sluggers that can get on base.

            Second, an unexpected team will have a spectacular season. Baseball is a sport that sees incredible ups and downs throughout one season, much less two. I’m not saying that the Rockies will suddenly win the world series with no increase in talent over the offseason (sorry Denver), but I do think we have to consider more than just the usual suspects when it comes to a World Series bid. I’d love a Cubs vs. Red Sox series, but in reality, I think we’ll all be surprised with how the season goes.

            Third, the Braves will break Atlanta’s heart again. With the acquisition of potential rookie of the year Dansby Swanson in the draft last season, along with stars in Ender Inciarte and Feddie Freeman, the Braves are looking like they might actually have an 80 win season. However, this isn’t a guarantee, and they still have a slim shot at making to the postseason with the highly talented Mets and Nationals both in their division. Once again, Atlanta fans will taste the hope of victory, but not have the satisfaction of a championship. Young talent is bittersweet in that way.

            Finally, I predict the Regis Rangers will have an exciting baseball season. The team is hosting their first home series this weekend versus Rogers State.

Catie Cheshire Staff Reporter