Humans of Regis: Dr. Victoria McCabe

(Photo: Regis University)

What brought you to Regis University?

The opportunity to teach at a Catholic university motivated me to apply to Regis.   At the time, I was working on my doctorate and teaching part time at three other universities.  It was a joy to add Regis to my teaching vocation.  For the past twenty years, I have only taught here.  I was able to create Father Woody Programs as part of my work here, as well as the annual Hopkins Conference and a variety of Holocaust education projects.  Regis let me stay and let me enlarge my umbrella of work.

What is your favorite Jesuit value? Why?  

Compassion is the virtue I most cherish and it is embodied in the Jesuit mission of Service to those in need, particularly “the other.”   Combining direct service to the poor with works of literature, theology, and history provides a fulfilling and Meaning-drenched life for me here.  Students anchor that life.

What has been your fondest memory of Regis?  

This question invokes many images:  the faces of students I have been blest to meet and serve down these long and lovely years.  Many continue to work the Father Woody Wrap Parties and the Christmas Party, and I attend many weddings and baptisms as well.  For me,  students anchor this university and their commitment, care, and dedication are my best “pay.”

What has been your fondest memory with Father Woody’s?   

Again:  the enduring image is the cafeteria filled (beyond reason and fire core, probably) with hundreds of students and members of the stalwart Regis staff on the Saturday morning before Thanksgiving, all wrapping with enthusiasm and joy thousands of gifts to be given to the poor in December.  These images lift heart and spirit always.  It is especially wonderful to welcome alumni back for the “Wraps,” some with their children, to continue the tradition of providing new wrapped gifts to the poorest of the poor.

Is there anything else you would like the Regis community to know?  

All are always invited under the Woody tent, to the Hopkins gathering, and at the various Holocaust speakers.

Samantha Jewell Social Media Editor