Gallery Talk: Linda Lowry

(Photo: Frances Meng-Frecker)

          Linda Lowry, painter and printmaker, grew up on the east coast near the water and the wood. She grew up with a father who would walk in the woods with her and tell stories. Lowry says, “I realize narrative is a reason why I make art.” In Lowry’s collection, “Acropolis,” you can clearly see a story being told throughout all the pieces that have been inspired by the ocean, Greece, and the life cycle. In reference to her inspiration, Lowry says, “One goes through life collecting things. Maybe collecting ideas, feathers, images, experiences. You never know when something is going to come together in those collections that will inspire you to make something about it.” She uses different collections of ideas, experiences, and places to create this collection called “Acropolis” currently located in Regis University’s O’Sullivan Art Gallery until February 17.

          During the “Gallery Talk” by Linda Lowry on February 2, Lowry spoke of the printmaking process, her inspirations, and her mentors throughout her life. The first thing she told the audience was, “I am a painter, not a master printmaker.” She told us how she made many mistakes along the way, and was always learning.

          Natalie Nielsen, sophomore at Regis and attendee at the “Gallery Talk” commented, “I thought the show portrays a really interesting look on what it means to be a printmaker. And I like how Linda talked about the process instead of the outcome. Learning what you’re creating as you are creating.”

          “I think it is really good to explore, especially when you’re young.” Lowry encourages us, as college students, to explore and see the world. She says it is okay to take a little detour in our lives, or change our path. Explore the things we love and experience our talents to their fullest potential. She is an artist of several media. She does not limit herself to one medium, and encourages artists and young people to do what they love and express themselves in the way that feels natural, and in a way that feels like themselves. Lowry says, “I express my love through making art.”

          To learn more about Linda Lowry, visit her website at and pop into the O’Sullivan Art Gallery before February 17.

Frances Meng-Frecker Staff Reporter & Photographer