How Does Campus Security Keep Regis Safe?

Recently, Regis University has been ranked the fifth safest college in Colorado by outranking  University of Colorado, Colorado State University, and the University of Denver.  So how does Many Amado, Director of Campus Safety, keep our campus safe?

One of the many tasks, that security officers have throughout his or her shift, is to check for any obstruction from plants or other objects that may be covering the lights or cameras. Keeping lights and cameras free from obstruction is what helps students walk easier from class to the parking lots.

The Director of Campus Safety also has a rigorous check-list for new security officers. During an interview with Many Amado, he expressed how he chooses new security officers.

“Before hiring a new security guard, I make sure that he or she understands the values that Regis hold and how they will apply to this job. This is not a job to come and collect your pay check, its more than that,” he said. The security officers seen around campus have a good understanding of Regis’ values and culture and this might be why Regis is a safe campus.

According to Amado, the number one improvement that campus safety has done over the past year has been community outreach. Over the year campus safety’s website has improved to work with the community outreach message that the Amado wants to implement. He wants to make sure that students and faculty understand the various resources through the website. Amado wants the community to know that campus safety is here to answer any questions or talk about any concerns.

To learn more visit campus safety in Main Hall 129 or at  

Esperanza Pinedo
Staff Writer